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How it Works:

  • Apply the Impression Cylinder protection plate by exposing the adhesive on the back. Position the plate on the Impression sheet in the proper position.
  • Remove the blanket and packing from the blanket cylinder.
  • Insert the IOC flexible die, with bar, into the cylinder leading bar clamp and tighten evenly.
  • Insert the IOC base set under die.
  • Inch the press forward until the rear clamping bar is accessible then insert IOC trailing edge bar into accessible bar clamp.
  • Tighten the bar until the IOC die is snug around the cylinder
  • The IOC die system is now installed.
  • When feeding first sheet through press adjust cutting pressure until optimum cutting result is achieved.

News in Detail...

April 9, 2015

H.S. Boyd announces sales partnership with Rocky Knoble of Knoble Supply


H.S. Boyd is excited to announce our new sales partnership with Rocky Knoble of Knoble Supply LLC.  Rocky brings years of printing and pressroom experience and will be a huge asset to printers looking to increase pressroom efficiency with our IOC, PPP and Litho-perf products. Contact Rocky at or connect with him on LinkedIn: Rocky Knoble









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