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Inline cutting has now truly become professional.

An end to fiddling, pasting, positioning. Simply exchange the
rubber blanket in your offset press for the flexible die complete
with blanket bars and you are ready to run!

You can now print, cut, perforate or crease in a single pass
to the highest standard of quality with maximum reliability
and productivity. And for repetitive runs the die is ready for immediate use.

Your benefits short and to the point.
  • Printing and die-cutting in a single operation
  • Faster turnaround times due to in-house finishing
  • Print and cut at normal press speeds
  • No supplementary costs incurred by farming out cutting work
  • Printing and inline cutting at the same time at normal speeds
  • No costs involved in installing expensive mounting systems
  • No complex splicing together of individual cutting lines
  • Attaches like a blanket in the blanket bar holder
  • Flexible dies can be repeatedly re-used
  • Perfect register accuracy with multiple use
  • Optimum flat sheet alignment after cutting
  • Kiss cutting of pressure sensitive materials is possible

What are you waiting for?
Give us a call on our IOC hotline.You will be connected with an experienced specialist who can answer your questions and provide further detail.
Unbeatably long service life.
Flexible IOC dies are characterized by their outstanding service life, which can be still further xtended by laserhardened 3L quality. For repeat print runs the dies are ready for immediat use.
Inline cutting with format.
By joining two flexible dies together, printed sheet formats of 70×100 cm can be cut—with maximum precision and perfect registration.
No additional investment.
Save the cost of tools and fixtures. Tell us what it is you need by providing your digital artwork or dieline. Let us do the rest.We will make the IOC dies and turn themaround quickly. Andmost impor tantly—completely ready to use.Without the costly involvement of staff to cut and paste the required shapes or make any other preparations.

How it Works:

  • Apply the Impression Cylinder protection plate by exposing the adhesive on the back. Position the plate on the Impression sheet in the proper position.
  • Remove the blanket and packing from the blanket cylinder.
  • Insert the IOC flexible die, with bar, into the cylinder leading bar clamp and tighten evenly.
  • Insert the IOC base set under die.
  • Inch the press forward until the rear clamping bar is accessible then insert IOC trailing edge bar into accessible bar clamp.
  • Tighten the bar until the IOC die is snug around the cylinder
  • The IOC die system is now installed.
  • When feeding first sheet through press adjust cutting pressure until optimum cutting result is achieved.