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Instructions 1 :

Remove the existing rubber blanket and the packing sheets


Instructions 2 :

Insert the IOC packing with the bent lip first, into the blanket cylinder gap.


Instructions 3 :

Hook the lead edge bar of the IOC Die into the lead clamping bar holder, close it slightly and inch the press forward. Hook the trailing bar into the bar holder.


Instructions 4 :

Make sure the die is parallel to the bearers, by measuring the distance from the die to them.


Instructions 5 :

Tighten the die carefully until it fits snug around
the cylinder. Keep in mind that the die is not
flexible or stretchable like a blanket, too much
tension will cause damage.


Instructions 6 :

Attach the self-adhesive protection material to the impression cylinder. (This may be done before removing the blanket. See tips) The press is now ready for production.


Instructions 7 :

Adjusting the pressure should be done in very small increments. The goal is to cut the material without damaging the protection plate. Too much pressure not only reduces the longevity of the die,it damages the cutting lines which results in more abrasion and paper dust.


Instructions 8 :

If the protection plate is installed before the blanket is removed, press pressure can be used to equally squeeze the protection plate onto the impression cylinder.

To ensure an even and clean cut, make sure that all the IOC components and the two cylinders are clean and free of grease.

The register marks in the center of the IOC Die help to ensure that it is mounted properly around the cylinder. If they line up, the die is mounted perpendicular to the cylinder.

For repeating jobs be sure to check the condition of the die. Dies appearing to have any damage should not be used anymore.

Only tighten the die enough to ensure a snug fit without bubbles. Over tightening may result in tearing the die out of the clamping bars.

To store the die, remove any ink residue and fingerprints. Apply a light coat of protective oil (WD40) and store in a dry place.

How it Works:

  • Apply the Impression Cylinder protection plate by exposing the adhesive on the back. Position the plate on the Impression sheet in the proper position.
  • Remove the blanket and packing from the blanket cylinder.
  • Insert the IOC flexible die, with bar, into the cylinder leading bar clamp and tighten evenly.
  • Insert the IOC base set under die.
  • Inch the press forward until the rear clamping bar is accessible then insert IOC trailing edge bar into accessible bar clamp.
  • Tighten the bar until the IOC die is snug around the cylinder
  • The IOC die system is now installed.
  • When feeding first sheet through press adjust cutting pressure until optimum cutting result is achieved.